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    …And Some (more) Cupcakes!

      Today I went back to Tails in the City to exchange Chuck’s pajamas. Came out with a hat and a scarf set, too… I think I might be a little obsessed with this place, oops. On my way out I noticed there’s a cupcake store next door, More Cupcakes. I’m in so much trouble. Tried the passion fruit and chocolate hazelnut one, both delicious! Maybe even better than Sprinkles and Magnolia… Here’s some new pictures from today. Enjoy!  

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    Cranberry Dog Biscuits

    I found this recipe while baking the Carrot Oat Doggie Biscuits today. I had a box of dried cranberries in the cupboard just sitting there and I was trying to make enough to last me a while, and different types of treats. I didn’t want my Chuck and Oprah to be bored with the same taste for a week (I’m such a silly human) So I found these Cranberry Dog Treats and decided to give it a shot. I cut the recipe in half, because I don’t like freezing anything, especially dog food, and I don’t want them to go bad after a week or two. I substituted molasses for…

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    Carrot Oat Doggie Biscuits

    I was so glad I came across Doggy Dessert Chef today! I ran out of doggy biscuits throughout the holidays and I had to whip something up really fast. I live in a high rise building with lots of dogs here, and my two pups are very overprotective of the elevator. The only way to have them not bark at the other dogs is to have a yummy treat in my hand. And some people are completely NOT ok with “some dogs barking loud at their well behaved dogs”.. Pfft. Can’t wait to one day live in my own house.. Dreamin, dreamin.. Ha ha. So anyway, the recipe is called…

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    Doggie PJs – Tails in the City

    Here’s a story about how I ended up getting PJs for my two dogs at Tails in the City. It was the last weekend before Christmas and I was still missing gifts for my boyfriend’s parents. So I went downtown, on Mag Mile. The beautifully lit and not-so-beautifully-crowded Magnificent Mile. Thought, it’ll be so joyful, I’ll swing by Ghiradelli for some hot chocolate and of course the winter holiday scenery will make me feel like shopping is something i enjoy. I ended up walking down Delaware Ave, and noticed a cute little sign saying Tails in the City. It immediately caught my attention so I grabbed bf’s hand and dragged…

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    Doggie Biscuits

    So I’ve noticed that some of the store bought treats have been pretty tough on Oprah’s belly, she has thrown up several ones, from chicken strips to bacon bits (Beggin strips are the worst by the way, even Chuck can’t handle them) I’ve been looking for a good recipe online, tried two already before (one was a cheddar biscuit, I won’t be making ever again, I can’t remember what site I got it from, one was a Peanut Butter Banana biscuit both my dogs LOVED) Today, I am posting this along with a tip: ALWAYS read reviews on recipes when baking something the first time. There’s almost always something wrong…

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    Life’s Too Short Not To Share It With Others

    Celebrated my birthday this past Tuesday. The fact (or myth?) that the world will be ending in a few weeks gave me an excuse to kind of go all out. Or just out. Met with a few of my closest friends at Public House for some eats and drinks. Being there those few hours I realized that all this time I was so wrong about the relationship of our age with making new friends. All this time I thought kids have it so much easier, because of school, activities, neighbors, to make new friends. Yeah, they do have it easy, but why do we have to give up being social…