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    The Classic

    Currently spending hours online searching for the best deal on.. The Butterfly Chair. Yup, I’m obsessed. All I need it to be is non-folding (the folding ones loose its sex appeal) and brown. I don’t even care much for it to be real leather, it can be faux. OK, nice talking to you, I’m back to chair hunting!

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    Brown in Spring

    Recently I got myself an impulse buy, a pair of the best fitting jeans on the planet from Frankie B. But they’re brown… Like camel brown! Or, Khaki brown! And it’s spring! To avoid looking like I’m ready for autumn in my new jeans I went on a hunt for shoes to match this, often misunderstood and under appreciated, color- camel. At first I thought: turquoise, but after 3 hours of looking at shoes I gave up on what seemed to be a simple task. And then, I found these: How perfect are these wedges!? A mix of cute pattern, black, white AND brown! The inter-web state this confusing rule…

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    I first learned about Misophonia about a year ago, that’s when I realized I’m not the only person in the world who’s being driven insane by certain sounds. Misophonia literally means “hatred of sounds” and is a brain disorder. But it’s not what you think. It’s not that I’m a negative person who chooses not to like sounds, like when people breathe loudly, pop gum or chew with their mouth open. Those certain sounds, usually repetitive, trigger something in my brain that instantly changes my mood to be very angry and bothered – and I can’t explain why. I first started noticing that some sounds bother me when I was…

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    Now lusting: Faux Fur Otto

    I know in 5 years I’ll look at it and say it was so cheesy, like that one time I bought a faux fur purse, and pink faux fur winter “moon boots” but there’s something so appealing about a fluffy soft cushion for you feet! Clean feet, of course. So I’m not a DIY girl, I’m more of a BUY girl (yes, I took it from some movie I watched a while ago) but I’m kind of convinced I can do this on my own. Some legs, some fur, some foam, some glue, right? We’ll see. For now I’m still saving up for that couch 😉  

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    It’s My Way Or The Pie Way

    Sometimes a girl’s gotta bake a pie. Ingredients: 1 pie crust (or make it from scratch, I’m not judging) 2 apples Drizzle of honey and lemon juice ~ half a cup of brown sugar Pinch of salt and cinnamon 1 glass pan Directions: Thaw the crust according to instructions. Meanwhile, peel them apples, slice into half moons, toss in a bowl with all other ingredients. Roll the pie crust into your pan, cut off edges. Don’t toss out the crust remains! Now, spoon them apples into the pie crust. Take all the remaining pie crust dough and make into a ball, then grate over the top of the pie, to…

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    Leather Jacket

    I bought this awesome leather jacket from Guess about 8-9 years ago, wore the spirit out of it and was very sad to realize it’s time to let it go (in the closet, not the trash, you silly duck!) So I’ve been looking around for a new one lately and everything was bleh or meh, nothing worth writing home. I went to check out an apartment in Lincoln Park today (which was so so so adorable, but so so so tiny for my family of 2 plus 4 furballs.. ugh.) Afterwords, I grabbed some Happy Hour beer and Tapas at Cafe Baba reeba! and as I was walking back to…