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    Couch Spotting

    Having four adorable minions comes with perks and well, sacrifices. My little Choco a.k.a. Chocolate Bear LOVES playing living room fetch, running, jumping, hopping (is hopping and jumpig the same thing? hmm) all over the place. This has taken a toll on the good ole Mr Couch. (*note to self – take a photo in the a.m. and add below) This means I need (want) a new couch. since it took about 3 months for the current leather IKEA couch to fall apart, I’m assuming I should purchase something in fabric – worst comes I change out the cushion. So, looking for a new apartment and a new couch at…

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    Late To The Party

    So Spring is here, at least on the calendar, and I’ve come to realize that my winter mission to find a new apartment has come to a fail. Perhaps my plan that stated “less people are moving in winter so I’ll have more to choose from” kicked me in the behind, I mean, if less people are moving, less apartment are available, duh! So back to square 1000 and back to the endless Craigslist hunt. To brighten up my day I shot this photo of mini French Macarons. Love them, sweets make me happy! Isn’t this a beautiful photo? What are some little things that make your day?

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    Now Obsessing: Cajun Seasoning

    I’m not huge on spicy, hot foods, in fact, whenever my boyfriend takes me to his mom’s house, we make a pit stop at a drive-thru somewhere because I know I won’t be eating any of that spit-fire papaya salad, hell no. Take me to a pho shop and I order a chicken broth, then eat it plain, sorry, no Sriracha for this white girl. Recently I came across this Cajun seasoning that I’m totally in lust with, though. It makes shrimp “punch you in the face” – as the brand’s website puts it, and not the kind of “your-eyes-will-be-watery-and-your-nose-will-be-running-the-whole-time” punch in the face. I use it on everything; chicken,…