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Doggy Beach – Lawrence Ave

I have a little furball, named him Chuck Norris, cause of the hair. And it turns out kicking personality too. He barks at all dogs. He’s mad that they have their humans. Jealous dog. Morning walks can be interesting. There’s dog owners who don’t mind his loudness, there’s dog owners who… probably shouldn’t be dog owners. Hey, dogs bark.

I’m a lucky Chicagoan, I live by the lake front and it makes my life so much more awesome. Two words: doggy beach.

My silly dog loves it there. Long story short, as soon as I take off his leash, he zooms down the beach, picks his new best friend, and follows him/her for 30-45 minutes. He completely forgets I’m there with him, too. Ignores my screams and yells, even treats.It’s like he finds himself a new owner. That’s kind of messed up.

“Chuck, NO! NO Chuck! Stay! Come Chuck!” – my first words, every morning 8 o’clock.

Ahh, I give up. Let him run and get tired. He’ll come back.

Rockin his leather jacket

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