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Ribs, Ya’ll!

My first time at RibFest and I must say, it’s not for everyone.
I made the mistake of going on a Saturday night. It was crowded. I was confused. You need to buy tickets ($1=1ticket) in order to purchase anything (or at least most things)
Your hands will be sticky, your mouths will be sticky. It will be hot and crowded. You need strong mentality to survive thru it.
You will see all types of people; pigs who think it’s ok to leave their trash behind on the table, ignoring the fact that there’s a trash can every 5 feet apart. You will look around you and see people smack their lips and make the most embarrassing chewing faces you’ll ever get to see. Ever. You will see people confused, drunk, filthy, cute, hot and disgusting. You will see it all. Except for class, haha!
So, if you make it through all those diverse crowds, you will taste some of the most delicious foods ever (or at least at that moment)
I had st louis style ribs
I had chocolate covered fried bacon
i had a pulled pork sandwich
lots and lots of beer
and two delicious scoops of gelato

All of that within an hour and a half.
It was all delicious, but I think the fact that I was so excited to be there, around all those crowds of people, made it a special and delicious experience. I loved it. I am going back next year, on a Friday.

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